May 2014

Hello!  My name is Moe Wrinkles and I am a good old boy.  I had my 14th birthday in December.  I have been with  my mom and dad almost my whole life. My parents tell me that I am the best dog ever.  I used to play by jumping on my dad’s back when he was on the floor, stealing peoples baseball caps, and chasing my human’s around and around furniture in the house. 

I have settled a bit and now play by chewing up paper and spitting it out.  I still love unconditionally and am a loyal and best friend to my humans.  I have always loved food.  Eating is my favorite thing to do.  

I had two brothers, Walter Snufalufagus and Goonie, who passed over the rainbow bridge.  Although I miss them I really like my two new buddies, Tater Salad and Porkchop. 

Pug Nanny (Chris) has been babysitting me almost 10 years now.  She is the best.  I really look forward to her visits.

Even though I am old, deaf and mostly blind, my mom and dad say I am perfect.  They tell they love me more than anything and I believe them.