August 2014

Hi, my name is Cobi and I’m turning 13 this month, I think. My adopted big brother, Buck, found me under Mom and Dad’s boat trailer when I was about 4 months old. The boat brand was a Cobia which is how I got my name, Buck’s Little Cobia. I was very sick when Buck found me, I had the Parvo virus and was dehydrated and the vet only gave me a 50/50 chance of making it through the week, which obviously I did! I miss my big brother Buck, he went over the Rainbow Bridge in March 2013 at the age of 14. I love to play in the water, explore islands, and go boating on Black Lake, NY where Mom and Dad have a summer cottage, and also where they adopted Buck when he was only 4 months old. Buck, being a lab, was an awesome swimmer – including swimming a mile across Black Lake, which is how he found my Mom and Dad. I really miss Buck but fortunately Dani brings Deu along on her visits to play with me. Buck and I have both been blessed with daily and overnight visits over the past 10 years from Dani, and previously from Joe, of Pampered Pets.

I like to go on adventures with my Mom and Dad; walking for charity events, shopping at Woofstock, and washing dogs at PawsAbilities. I also like to go on adventures of my own, hunting groundhogs, squirrels, and rabbits, playing with neighbor dogs, rolling in the grass. My favorite spot is sleeping under a bush or bed and going in my doggie pool, even with my cone on. I recently underwent surgery to remove part of my jaw and my lymph nodes and am now a cancer survivor! I hope to spend a few more years loving my great life and being the silly girl I’ve always been. I can’t catch up to golf carts anymore but I can still do the crazy run in my yard then lay on the picnic table for a nap in the sun.