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Lock Out Service

No need to ever call a locksmith again. If you ever find yourself locked out, give us a call and we will be there with a copy of your key at a fraction of the cost of a locksmith.

Chaperone Service

We can wait at your home for a service provider and keep an eye on your home and valuables while they are there. We cannot take responsibility for their work, but we will do what we can to make sure they leave the home in the same or hopefully better shape than when they arrived.

House Sitting

Even if you take your pet with you when you travel, you may still want the added benefit of having your home look lived in while you are gone. No wild parties or fridge raiding to worry about with us in your home. We are professionals and know how to make your home look lived in from the outside without living large in your home on the inside.

Pet Taxi

Have you ever noticed that the vet or groomer only has appointments while you are at work? No need to worry about that anymore. We will come to your home, pick up your pet, deliver them to their appointment and bring them home, safe and sound. So go ahead, schedule your pet’s appointment, we got your back.

Pet Waste Removal

That’s right, we even doo the dirty work. We come to your home once or twice a week and clean up all the unwanted mess your pet may leave behind. This keeps your lawn clean and safe and your time freed up to enjoy your family, friends, and pet(s). We can even remove the waste and dispose of it in a way that is more friendly to our environment.

Pet Walks

Similar to a sit except that your pet(s) is actually out and about exploring the world under the watchful eye (and leash) of a professional pet service provider. The walks last from 15 to 20 minutes. In most instances, we can handle walking two pets at one time.

Pet Sits

Our favorite by far. We come to your home and provide so much more than the basics for your pet. We begin with fresh food and water, potty breaks, playtime and companionship. We can also add to your homes overall security by bringing in your mail, adjusting your lights and blinds, and conducting a security check. Some pet parents like for us to provide service on a daily and weekly basis, while others only need it while they are away on business or vacation.


All pet sitting reservations MUST come through the Pampered Pets reservation system. This ensures that your services are covered under our insurance policy and ensures that you and your pet(s) will receive the best possible care.

You can make a reservation for our service online, by phone, or by email.

Phone: (717) 214-1994


Current Clients: Online Reservations

Once we know what service you are looking for, we will match you up with the right sitter and then confirm with you the services requested.

Appointment Times
We aim to satisfy all our clients, so Pampered Pets does not have set hours. However, we do work within 4 hour time blocks. This ensures that each customer’s individual needs are taken care of. If your pet needs medication or some other special attention at a particular hour, let us know when you register for your services and we will make every attempt to meet these needs.

Initial Consultation
Before you can request services with us, an initial consultation must be completed. Again, it has been our experience that these consultations are the best way to determine if we are the right service provider for you. During our consultation, a Pampered Pets Professional Pet Sitter will meet in your home with you and your pets in order to find out pertinent information about the medical history and behavioral habits of your pet(s), their present condition and care needed in our absence, plus information about the security of your home. At the initial interview, the following needs to be presented to the pet sitter:
Pet Photo
2 sets of house keys
Vaccine records
Any pertinent information

Services Provided